Mint Green Back: Kaleidoscope

Length: 76

Width: 76

Total Sq. Inches: 5776

Batik: Yes


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Mint Green Back: Kaleidoscope

  • This quilt is made with some batik fabrics. These batik fabrics are made of hand-dyed cotton and as a result may contain some excess dye, especially the bright colored batiks. The quilt can by dry cleaned or washed in your machine (if it'll fit in the washer.) If you wash it in your machine, please follow the instructions below the first few times you wash it: 

    • Place two Color Grabber sheets (4 sheets provided) in the washer.
    • Put the quilt in the washer.
    • Set the wash cycle to cold water and gentle cycle.
    • Once the wash is through, throw the Color Grabber sheets away.
    • Place quilt in dryer and dry on low heat.

    Rather than drying it after the first wash, you can so wash it a second time right away using the other two Color Grabber sheets.